Eating Patterns vs. Diets

At MedChefs, we teach you to live into health by helping you adopt an ideal eating pattern, rather than being on a diet. These two terms might seem interchangeable, but they carry distinct meanings and implications. Understanding these differences can help you make informed choices that will sustain you over a lifetime.

The Concept of Eating Patterns

Eating patterns encompass the regularity, frequency, and types of foods consumed over time. It’s a holistic approach that considers long-term habits and preferences. The MedChefs eating pattern consists of mostly fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, increased fiber and limiting salt and added sugars. It is modeled after the Mediterranean diet which is considered one of the healthiest eating patterns. This approach gives you a huge array of choices and encourages sustainable changes that fit your lifestyle. Adopting an ideal eating pattern can prevent and reverse diet-related diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, stroke, heart attack, kidney and liver disease, and certain cancers. 

The Nature of Diets

Have you ever noticed, as soon as you start a diet, you have feelings of deprivation and anxiety? This is counterproductive! Diets are often temporary and restrictive in nature. Typically, they are centered around specific rules and guidelines for eating, aiming to achieve short-term goals like weight loss. While diets can provide quicker results, they can be challenging to sustain in the long run. Extreme dieting can potentially lead to nutrient deficiencies and adversely affect energy levels, bone health, kidney health, and gut health!

The MedChefs Way

We emphasize an eating pattern that is healthy and delicious. Sharing meals with family and friends, savoring favorite dishes, and enjoying a variety of flavors contribute to a positive relationship with food. As you become consistent with the MedChefs eating pattern and customize it to your goals and lifestyle, you will experience living into health.

To learn more about how MedChefs can help you adopt an ideal eating pattern, listen to this Podcast featuring team members Randi Gallenson and Michelle Gordon-Canning.

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