You can email our support team if you require additional help. We are here Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm PT. If you are having technical issues on the weekend, our support team will respond on Monday am.  [email protected]

1. I’m new to MedChefs. How can I learn more about how the program works?

The best way to learn more about using the MedChefs program is to watch the “HOW IT WORKS” video series.  Four short videos show the app screens with step by step instructions on how to use the program. They include:

  • Getting Started
  • Let’s Eat and the NutriTracker
  • Recipes and the Grocery List
  • The Journal

Tap on the “hamburger menu” on the top right corner and tap on the How It Works icon to watch the videos.

Click or tap here to view the How It Works videos

Click or tap on the “i” icon throughout the website and app for more information.

2. Log-in and payment issues

Username and password — can’t remember or not working

Payment issues — need to change or update credit card

Most issues with password and payment can be addressed on the Account page. Recovering a lost password, changing a credit card or canceling your account can only be done on the website.

  • From the WEBSITE: Go to home (the house icon) located on the upper right side of your screen. Click there and select ACCOUNT. From here you can update your name and email, update your password and credit card information.
  • From the APP: Tap on the 3 lines (hamburger symbol) in the upper right corner of your screen. Tap on ACCOUNT. From here you can update your name, email and password.

If you are having any other technical issues we are here to help from Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm PT. Please email [email protected]. We will respond within 24 hours.

3. Browser versions supported for Medchefs

  • Chrome — Version 69.0 and above
  • Safari — Version 12.1 and above
  • IE Edge — All versions
  • Firefox — Version 76 and above
  • Brave — Version 1.14 and above

Operating Systems:

All operating systems, including Windows, Apple, and Android devices that support the above modern browsers will support the Medchefs application.

4. MedChefs promotes a plant-based diet. What does that mean?

Click or tap here to read an article in the Resources section that talks about the benefits of a plant-based diet.

5. My doctor has recommended that I eat a vegan diet. Does MedChefs offer that?

Yes. Make sure that when you fill out your Profile, Vegan is checked in Dietary Preferences. MedChefs will then automatically create a custom vegan meal plan for you.

6. Can I change a recipe in my meal plan?

Yes, When you are in Let’s Eat, click or tap the “–“ button to remove a recipe.  Click the “+ “ button next to the meal and search the recipes to find a replacement. Click or tap the + button next to the recipe and it’s added to your plan. 

Remember to always check the NutriTracker to make sure you’re still on target for a MedChefs score of >4 per day.

7. I’m still hungry after eating my meal plan. Can I eat more?

Yes. If you are still hungry, feel free to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Here’s why:

Not all calories are equal. The nutritional value of 100 calories of  broccoli is very different than 100 calories from a doughnut. When you are eating the right kind of food, portion control is not as important. That’s why you can eat a plate of broccoli with abandon but a plate of doughnuts could be disastrous. With MedChefs, we focus on eating plenty of the right kind of food as opposed to counting  calories from the wrong kind of food. 

8. Is MedChefs a weight loss plan?

Weight loss is not the primary focus of MedChefs. Programs designed solely to promote weight loss often do so at the detriment of health. MedChefs is designed specifically to promote long-term health and in doing so, weight loss is often a secondary outcome. 

9. How do I use Favorites? 

You can create a favorite by clicking or tapping on the outlined heart symbol. 

A list of your favorite recipes will be stored and you can edit your meal plan by choosing from your list of favorites. Choose “Favorites” from the Search by Category dropdown in Recipes.

See your favorites on My Home. If you’re on the website, it’s the left sidebar and on the app, tap on the heart in the top right corner of the screen.

10. What’s the NutriTracker for and how do I use it?

The NutriTracker is your gauge to health. When you make changes in your meal plan make sure all categories are in the “green” zone.  The goal is a MedChefs score of at least 4 points a day with 2 advantage points as well.

11. How do I use the Grocery List?

The grocery list is generated automatically from your meal plan. Select how many days you are shopping for and the list will include all the items needed. You may have to adjust the quantities of items on your grocery list to reflect how many people are eating.

The items are sorted by the aisles in the grocery store, like “Dairy and Egg Products.” Tap or click on the category and the list will expand to show all the items.

12. How do I use the Cupboard feature?

Most of us have an inventory of staples in the kitchen like spices, oil, flour, or mustard which won’t need to be included in your grocery list. If you already have an item, tap  “+ cupboard” and it will be removed from your list.

  • NOTE: The items in your Cupboard will stay there until you release them by tapping the minus symbol next to the item. Be sure to check your MedChef’s Cupboard against your real cupboard from time to time to see if you are getting low and need to release it back to the shopping list.

13. How do I use Recipes?

Search for recipes by ingredient, name of recipe or category. “Category” allows you to search for: favorites, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, whole grains, legumes, fish, fruits, vegetables, vegan, and vegetarian recipes.

  • NOTE: You can only edit the recipes in your meal plan from Let’s Eat.

14. Do I need to keep track of everything I eat?

No! And that’s the simplicity of MedChefs. We only track the core 5 food groups and give 2 bonus points for Fiber and limited Processed Meats like bacon and lunch meats. 

Go to the Journal and if you followed the meal plan for the day, check  “Yes. Congratulations! You’re done. Your score is automatically calculated.

If you had to go “off plan” because perhaps you dined out or traveling, choose “No-Tell us what you ate” and a drop down form will allow you record what you did eat for the 5 core food groups.


  • We suggest you get used to visualizing what a cup of vegetables and fruit looks like by using your closed fist as an estimation for 1 cup. 
  • For a serving (1/2 cup) of whole grains and legumes visualize your palm open and cupped. 
  • For estimating salt intake and fiber intake this is more challenging indeed.  Use the (i) information links for guidance.

15. What is the MedChefs points system based on?

Based on the evidence derived from clinical trials, the benefit of a plant based diet in promoting long-term health are indisputable. Subsequently, the American Heart Association has developed a point system to encourage healthy behavior. We have based our MedChefs point system on that derived by the American Heart Association.

16. What is MedChefs Resources?

MedChefs endeavors to be a reliable source of evidence-based information related to health and nutrition. In an era when the internet provides a wide range of information from a wide range of sources “buyer beware” is sound advice. With the plethora of available information, some is wrong or potentially risky and often misrepresented for secondary gain at the customer’s expense. In such an environment, MedChefs provides reliable, unbiased evidence-based information.

17. What are the MedChefs Skills podcasts?

MedChefs makes healthy eating simple. However, life brings challenges and daily success is dependent on our ability to make healthy choices. Changing behavior that may be rooted over decades is not easy and MedChefs wishes to provide you the tools to succeed long-term.

The podcast series offers a curriculum designed to provide skills for attaining the “Right Mindset” and skills for attaining the “Right Plate.” The Right Mindset podcast series is provided by our health coach, Rolf Gates. The Right Plate podcast series is provided by MedChefs cofounders and other experts in the field. Each podcast builds toward empowering you with the skills needed to succeed long-term, so routine better choices lead to a better life.

18. How does the Doctors Portal benefit me?

Many find their way to MedChefs through their doctor. MedChefs helps your doctor help you by easily tracking your dietary health. With your approval, your doctor or health professional can follow along with your progress and see the challenges and opportunities in your dietary habits. This deepens the partnership between you and your doctor, which will favorably impact your overall health.