MedChefs is Designed for You

The MedChefs Team has created an online service offering a medically-based, nutritious, and delicious meal plan that fits your lifestyle.

Here’s what we bring to the table…

The jury is in and the science is clear

Regarding your health, what is truly important is whether you are eating enough of the RIGHT food as opposed to focusing on eliminating the WRONG food.

A healthy diet is:

  • high in fruits, vegetables, fiber, whole grains, and legumes
  • low in sodium and sweetened beverages
  • If you eat meat: small amounts — fish is preferred and avoid all processed meats

…it’s that simple.

Dr. Greg Quinn

”In creating MedChefs, we brought together experts in the medical profession, nutrition, culinary arts, health coaching, and software engineering to create a service designed specifically for you — so you can simply live into health.

—Dr. Greg Quinn, Cardiologist, Founder of MedChefs

5 steps to success

  1. Follow the meal plan: favorites and the NutriTracker make customizing easy
  2. Build your MedChefs points: eat more of the core foods, achieve a daily score of 4-5 and you’re on the way to health
  3. Take control: cooking is made easy with MedChefs while healthy dining out is no longer a mystery
  4. Develop the proper mindset: listen to the podcasts and benefit from the many resources
  5. Journal daily: it will only take a few moments