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An introductory message from MedChefs founder Dr. Greg Quinn

Certainly, the MedChefs App will help you develop the skills necessary to create lasting, healthy dietary change. However, we recognize the need to supplement this with help in breaking old counter-productive habits. This podcast series begins the journey of developing new healthy habits. The podcasts are divided into categories: Right Mindset and Right Plate.

Right Mindset is offered by our health coach Rolf Gates. Rolf is an acclaimed author, educator and leading voice of modern yoga. He is extremely skilled at translating ancient wisdom tradition teachings into everyday practical lessons. The Right Mindset series provides a curriculum designed over 4 weeks to give you the skills needed for lasting behavioral change through heightened awareness and better choices.

The Right Plate series is provided by your MedChefs cofounders and guest experts. These podcasts are designed to help with the specific skills needed for success.

These daily brief messages are designed to adapt to your busy life: whether listening in the car, standing in line, waiting in the dentist office or walking on the treadmill. Each day delivers a pearl or two that may change your life. 

This series of podcasts provides you the BASIC SKILLS necessary to succeed. It’s the beginning of a process…of your journey. If this was a martial arts program, you’re working on your white belt…the basics. And you are on your way to ultimately getting a black belt in healthy dietary habits.

These podcasts will be archived so you can listen at your own pace, but we suggest listening one day at a time and in the proper order to get the greatest value.

So, for now, focus on the basic skills and enjoy the journey.

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