Take 3 Breaths

This simple tool can be the gateway to long term health and well-being.

On the average we take approximately 20,000 breaths per day. So…what possibly can be so special about 3 breaths?

In a typical day we awaken and promptly reach for our phone. Check the news feed, indeed the world is rapidly changing. Then we check our schedule to verify what exactly will dictate our actions for the day. Perhaps we hurry through breakfast or help others in the family organize for their day. As we get ready to leave for work, we look in the mirror to make last minute adjustments. We make sure we are adequately presentable to the world.

Our lives are disproportionately directed by these outside forces

And, that is just the start to an “outward” focused orientation that tends to drive our every waking moment.  Like a leaf blowing in the wind our lives are disproportionately directed by these outside forces. And, what are these forces? Our schedules, our titles, our responsibilities, our money, our bills, our appearance, our material possessions—all those acquired things that define and dictate our reality. It’s who we are…or more accurately who we think we are. Attachment to these acquisitions we hold so dear actually leads to insecurity and fear of loss. We may even think our strength is defined by these acquisitions. When we rely on this “outside-in” perspective, our life experience tends to be driven by reactions rather than by wise choices.  

A subtle, yet profound, shift

So, what does this have to do with 3 breaths? Close your eyes. Turn your attention inward. Follow the cool fresh air entering through your nose and expanding your lungs. Notice when the expansion stops and the process reverses. Ride that wave two more times. Now open your eyes. Do you feel different? Most will notice a subtle, yet profound, shift. In doing so you are noticing the power of connecting to the present moment. Your thoughts are no longer bobbing around chaotically. Your mind is no longer grasping for the next shiny object. The present moment is the gateway to insight and greater clarity. It is grounded by your true nature.

This 3 breaths exercise is a tool that is always accessible

You can do it before you reach for your phone to check the news, before a meal, before going into a meeting, during a difficult conversation. The ripple effect this simple exercise will have on your health is far reaching. By being more connected to the present moment you slow down and open up the space to ask yourself “Is this what I really want? Is this good for me? From here, the choices for greater health and happiness are available.

For a more in-depth discussion on the power of this simple 3 breaths exercise, MedChefs offers the Right Mindset Podcast series with Health Coach, Rolf Gates. Find out more about Rolf’s approach here.