Think Like a Chef: “Demystifying the Kitchen”

  • It takes a little time, but there’s an inner Chef in all of us. Once you find that, the kitchen isn’t so daunting after all.
  • Be organized, have a plan, but most importantly have fun. Everyone needs to eat, so keep your kitchen “vibe” loose, fun, and social.
  • Let your creative side come out. Use different serving dishes, play with ingredients, enjoy making your dinner plate look and feel delicious.

Have you ever tried to change the oil in your car? It’s a pretty simple process, but if putting gas in your car is the full extent of your automotive experience, an oil change can seem pretty daunting. Many people feel the same way about entering the kitchen and putting together a meal. To overcome those barriers, let’s demystify the kitchen.

Think of a Chef, that often elusive, awkward, and creative person whose embroiled passion drives them to work like a mad scientist. Well not everyone has to be that dedicated, but keep in mind a few of the following tips to bring out your inner “chef” and make your time in the kitchen more rewarding.

1. As we mentioned in our article “Recipe 101”, the first time you make a recipe it can take some extra effort. You need to read the recipe a couple times and everything takes a little longer. Taking the time to read and understand the recipe will make your cooking effortless, well at least it will require less effort.

2. Be organized. Gather ingredients, clean as you go, and have the right tools for the job. The right sized pan or pot can really help you create a more perfect dish. Do the work that has the potential for spills or splatters in or near the sink.

3. When planning meals, use the same ingredients a couple different ways. This will cut down on your shopping time and will keep your wallet more economical. Use one half of your avocado for your breakfast shake and the other half on your sandwich for lunch. One ingredient, two uses…

4. Make an extra-large meal the day before and plan on using leftovers for those busy, midweeks lunches at work or on the go. We have many make-ahead recipes that can be eaten for a simple, satisfying family dinner and then packed up for lunches the next day. Many of our soups, stews, and braises work really well for these types of meals.

5. Here at MedChefs, we are big proponents of the “music and a beverage” while you cook theory. Put on some background music and have a sparkling water or your beverage of choice while cooking. It helps take the chore out of cooking and adds the  ingredient of fun to your recipe.

6. Food can and should be a social event. Whether cooking for yourself while singing along to your favorite artist or having your kids help rip up the basil for your tomato salad, food at its core brings people, emotions, and good times together. Now it’s a party.

7. Bring out your creative edge. Play with different ingredients, serve family style dishes on different shaped platters, or let everyone put together their own plates in an artful way. Sitting down to the daily meal becomes a celebratory moment that’s a feast for all our senses.

8. Finally, don’t get discouraged. Not every dish you make is going to blow the whole family out of the water. Learn from your failures in the kitchen and rejoice when you create something new and delicious.

Maybe you’re not ready to start your next career as a Chef yet, but go ahead, step into the kitchen, play with different ingredients, make a little mess, and most of all, have fun.

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