What’s Your MedChefs Style?

When we start a new routine, often the perceived learning curve creates inner resistance. We say to ourselves, “I can’t do this… it isn’t a good time… or I’ll start next month.” Sound familiar?

When starting MedChefs, that resistance moment might be seeing your meal plan for the first time. Oh no!

  • It’s too much structure — I can’t make all this!
  • I don’t even cook… I eat out all the time.
  • My doctor told me to eat plant-based and it sounds awful — I love hamburgers!

If this is you — read on!

There are many ways to make the MedChefs app work for you and still stay on the healthier path. Think of your meal plan as a guide or an inspiration. Once you understand your style and the MedChefs Core 5 NutriTracker, you can move forward your way, enjoying abundant food while improving your health.

Style 1: One step at a time

You do better with incremental change.

You focus on one aspect of the nutritracker and meeting that goal, then building up to the next. The pace of change here is longer, and results may come a bit slower, but it’s a very reasonable way to incorporate lasting healthy change.

  • Focus on increasing the cups of fruits and vegetables for two weeks building up to 5 a day.
  • Add in a whole grain or legume, building up to 3+ servings a day.
  • Cut back on meat to maybe 3 times per week and eat plant-based for the rest.
  • Introduce one healthy meal per day, then increase to two, then three.

Style 2: I need help now!

You like the structure of a specific meal plan.

This might be a radical shift from how you have been eating but you are highly motivated. It can feel uncomfortable (read: lots more fiber!), but some say they feel better right away. It takes willpower to strictly maintain, but you can ease up as you feel more confident.

  • I need clear dos and don’ts.
  • I don’t want to think about it — just tell me what to eat.
  • I really don’t know what’s healthy for me and count on the meal plan to provide delicious recipes and 4–5 MedChefs points everyday.

Style 3: I’ll do it my way!

Your approach is creative.

You are more comfortable cooking, using MedChefs recipes for healthy ideas and inspiration. You often replace meals on the meal plan or loosely follow the recipes. The key to success here is to always check back with the NutriTracker to make sure you’re getting enough core fruits and vegetables, fiber and whole grains and legumes.

  • Love the vetted recipes / I like to cook my way.
  • What do I have on-hand?
  • What am I in the mood for?
  • What new recipe can I try?

Remember, MedChefs does not track everything you eat. What’s most important is getting enough of the ingredients that are beneficial to your health. We will teach you the skills for both eating in and dining out. Your palette will change. You will crave healthier foods.

Find your style and learn to live into health today.