Why Journal? It Is the Key to Success!

Most of us will perform better if we are accountable to someone or something. If we commit to a regular walking date with a friend, we increase our chances of success. In one sense, you are making a behavior agreement to walk, and you don’t want to disappoint your friend. With MedChefs, you are committing to eating healthier and in this case, your Journal is your daily accountability partner.

Make journaling a part of your MedChefs daily routine

In the beginning it might feel challenging to eat and track all the fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fiber. But in a short amount of time, journaling takes just a few minutes, because we don’t track every little thing you eat. As journaling becomes part of your daily routine, like any sport or game, you start thinking about the strategies to succeed at your goals. Our health coach Rolf Gates says When something is on your radar, you see opportunities to execute. And that’s when it becomes fun.

Share your progress with your doctor

Showing your doctor or health professional the 1-month journal report is another great strategy. You will be able to discuss your challenges and share your progress. And now, you’ve just added another accountability partner to your team! Put the journal on your radar, and your improved health will be the reward.

Click or tap on the video to learn more about using the Journal.

Remember, MedChefs does not track everything you eat. What’s most important is getting enough of the ingredients that are beneficial to your health. We’ll teach you the skills for eating in and dining out. Your palette will change. You will crave healthier foods.